Our Satellite



• Captures up to 1 million square kilometers of data daily at 6.5 meter nominal ground resolution.
• Contains multispectral imagery for analytical applications
• Red Edge band has targeted sensitivity to changes in chlorophyll content. 

Technical Specifications 

Satellite name KazEOSat-2
Date of launch June 20, 2014
Orbit Sun-synchronous, 630-km altitude
Spectral Bands Blue, Green, Red, Red-edge, Near-Infrared for all acquisitions
Product Resolution 6,5 m
Geometric accuracy 30 m CE90 without GCP
Dynamic Range at Acquisition 12 bits
Swath width 77 km at Nadir
Revisit Capacity 3 days (with no limits on angle)
Viewing/incidence angles Up to 35° off-Nadir. Allows multi-strip collection, as well as Stereo imaging
Acquisition Capacity Up to 1,000,000 km² / day
Mission Lifetime >7 years